What's Happening Now

San Ramon Nature Center will be created in the beautiful and historic Mudd's Restaurant, one of the first in Northern California to source its fruits and vegetables from its own land and a San Ramon icon for nearly thirty years.

It will cost about $4 million to renovate and expand the restaurant and landscape, improve accessibility, repair the old parking lot and outfit the entire Center with furniture and equipment. We are just over 11% of the way to our goal, thanks to our lead donor, Alexander Mehran Jr.​ of Sunset Development Co, who has pledged $500,000 in seed capital to the get the project started.

The City of San Ramon has given us just one year to raise the funding, so there's no time to lose. Every dollar and minute of your time will help create a unique and wonderful gathering place for the entire San Ramon Valley for many decades...your gift to the future. 

Our memberships and donations come with some wonderful thanks and recognition rewards. And in 2020 they are all on sale —an extra thanks for those who help fund the new Center! Please click here to join or here to donate. 

Mudd's restaurant, shown when it first opened, has

survived years of neglect and just needs renovation.

San Ramon Nature Center will bring together all ages and abilities to learn about our natural world, ourselves and the plants and animals who live here with us.


Donate any
amount! Enjoy special rewards
for significant


 A new Nature Park for everyone, 
by everyone

​Starting with a new Nature Center!

​​H  E  L  P   

We need your unique abilities: teach, join a Committee, assist with an event, share
​your skills.

       ​​​A Unique Approach to Exploring Nature

The new Nature Center will become the home of dozens of
new nature-oriented indoor and outdoor classes and activities
plus a Food Lab where our local chefs and foodies will teach
cooking classes and skills. There'll be Celebrity Chef Demon-

strations, Make and Take classes, Make and Eat classes...
even classes for kids under 8... all focused on healthy, seasonal
dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Our Drop-in policy will let you sign up for a series, or just a
single class in a series. As long as there is space, we'll make
room for you and yours! And our Teach One, Take One pro-
gram will allow our talented and passionate community 
members to share their skills and interests with all of us while

earning free classes for themselves or family members.

At the Center and in the Park, all classes and most activities  
will be open to those over 7 years old (why can't an 8 year old
learn to paint next to an 80 year old?) and we'll have special programs for your littlest ones. We want to bring all ages and
abilities together for fun, learning and exploration of our nat-
ural world... parents and kids, singles and seniors, experienced
and not so. We believe that people who play together, learn
together and cook together get along together and our Nature Center will strengthen the fabric of our community, making
all of us feel more connected.

In addition to classes, activities and events, San Ramon Nature Center ​will offer beautiful new spaces for your private events
and parties, including a Celebration Garden you'll walk into
under an arbor of trees. We'll be taking reservations a few
months before Grand Opening, so stay tuned and use our Contact form if you want us to notify you when we start.

​​​J  O  I  N

In 2020 enjoy 20% off memberships, 2-3 years ​free, and discounts on classes and events 

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you ask me, the grass is pretty green

over here. It looks similar over there, but I like right where I am. It’s beautiful. Peaceful.  

​​San Ramon Nature Park Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization and a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.
All donations are tax deductible. 

Email  info@SanRamonNaturePark.org   Phone  925 | 945. 6182   Mailing address  9505 Velvet Leaf Circle, San Ramon CA 94582

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San Ramon Nature Park Foundation. Donate today to help build San Ramon Nature Center at the former Mudd's Restaurant. Join to be a member of San Ramon Nature Park Foundation, dedicated to creating a new park for the commmunity, by the community. San Ramon Nature Park in Crow Canyon Gardens, 105 Park Place, San Ramon CA, San Ramon Nature Center in San Ramon Valley. Donate today to help build our Park. Alexander Mehran Jr of Sunset Development Co is lead donor of San Ramon Nature Park.