Proposed Nature Center Floorplan

Mudd's reception area in 2019. All the beauty is still there.

by Franette Armstrong June 2018

Winter in the Nature Center

Preliminary Floorplan

Our new Nature Center will be created in the renovated and expanded Mudd’s restaurant. A hands-on learning and activity center for year-round classes, the focus will be on nature: natural arts and crafts, gardening, sciences, conservation and natural movement.

Classes will be open to all who come on a space-available basis with only the classes for small children designated by age: Our preteen-through-adult classes will be open to everyone from ages 8 and up, so seniors and kids can be inspired by each other.

Surrounding the Nature Center is an orchard, gardens, a creek and a meadow that all will offer a hands-on, real-life component to biology, geology, botany, horticulture, art, photography and more.
The Nature Center will offer:

  • Seasonally delightful classes to keep even the most jaded among us from getting bored. 

  • Little Kids' classes with novel approaches to helping them discover the world around them.

  • Flexible classrooms to allow for indoor-outdoor classes and large and small groups.

  • Patios and an interior open-air courtyard for exercise, dining and socialization.


The Food Lab

Our new Food Lab will be a brand new 
teaching and demonstration kitchen for all ages with classes in healthy eating, meal creation and cooking techniques. 

Space for Events
In addition to classes and events sponsored by the Nature Park Foundation, there'll be room for corporate retreats and private parties. Rooms can be opened to each other and activities can extend out onto the patios and into the Park.​

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All donations are tax deductible. 

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The Celebration Garden
Located in a private area just off the Nature Center, there'll be lovely outdoor space for classes and all kinds of celebrations...of a life, a graduation, a retirement and more.

Summer in the Food Lab

The Meadow

and Hiking/

Biking Trail

Only one block above Home Depot​ and one block south of Crow Canyon lies peace and quiet, beauty and nature, a year-round creek and gorgeous gardens. All there for you, your kids and grandkids and their future children.

With your help we'll add a hiking/ biking/wheel-friendly trail around the entire 10 acres, a renovated picnic area with all new amenities and an expanded Demonstration garden for school tours and every-one else to enjoy. 

The Crow Canyon Community Gardens will remain and might  even grow under City Management,

Preliminary Site Plan

This Site Plan, drawn for us by Gates & Associates Landscape Architects, was proposed to the San Ramon Parks Commission Facilities Sub-Committee on October 7, 2020, along with the very rough floor plan below.

The Nature Center Complex

​  Celebration Garden, 

  Orchard and Demonstration Gardens

  Hiking/Biking Trail ​Loop

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